Welcome to Michigan's State Chapter of the

Michigan Chapter IASIU is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

  • Promoting a coordinated effort within the industry to combat insurance fraud.
  • Providing education and training for insurance investigation.
  • Developing greater awareness of the insurance fraud problem.
  • Encouraging high professional standards of conduct among insurance investigators.
  • Supporting legislation that acts as a deterrent to the crime of insurance fraud.


Welcome to the Michigan Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units. We are a non-profit organization of insurance fraud investigators, law enforcement agents and insurance professionals dedicated to combating insurance fraud. We pursue this mission through our efforts to provide comprehensive training to the insurance and law enforcement industries, by developing a greater awareness of the insurance fraud problem and by supporting anti-fraud legislation.

Insurance fraud is a problem that affects every man, woman and eventually child in this U.S. and internationally. The public views insurance fraud as the insurance company’s problem, the insurance industry combats fraud but ultimately views it as a cost of doing business and the individual policyholder too often see insurance fraud as an opportunity to recoup past premiums. Conventional wisdom holds that a little insurance fraud doesn’t hurt the giant insurance company, they can afford it…. right? Wrong…You can’t afford it!! The insurance company doesn’t eat this cost of fraud they pass it along to you in the form of higher premiums. You also pay for it in the form of increased cost for goods and services because businesses pass the cost of higher premiums on to their customers, you.

The over 300 members of the Michigan Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units views insurance fraud as our problem. We are dedicated to fighting the crime of insurance fraud on all its fronts. If you are an insurance professional or investigator, or a law enforcement agent and are interested in joining our ranks please see the membership requirements link. If you are a concerned citizen and want to confidentially report insurance fraud please click on the REPORT FRAUD link.