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MI Chapter of IASIU meeting locations for 2021

If you have any suggestions for speakers to present at any of the general membership meetings please contact Stephen Spinner via email at stephen@miiasiu.org

Upcoming Meetings

May 2021 General Membership Meeting:

Date: 05/20/2021
Time: 9:30am
Location: Microsoft Teams
Speaker(s): Michael Huntsman and Janetta Ksar
Topic: Forensic Capture of Data and the legal process thereafter
Speaker Information:

June 2021 General Membership Meeting:

 Date: 06/17/2021
Time: TBD
Location: Microsoft Teams virtual meeting details to come
Speaker(s): NICB SA Jeff Dancer
Topic: Arson case involving corrupt police officer
Speaker Information:

July 2021 General Membership Meeting:

Date: 07/15/2021
Time: 9:30
Location: Microsoft Teams virtual meeting details to come
Speaker(s): Dr. Skiba ("Dr. Fraud")
Topic: PsychTech --Psychology of Technology is engulfing our society, from the IoT, social media, robotics, ML and AI. Learn how this technology is affecting human behavior and how companies are at increased risk. The session will begin by exploring how technology is growing at an incredible rate, putting more data and information into circulation than ever before. The session will then dive into psychological and criminological concepts focusing on how human behavior is changing as a result of technology. Attendees will then explore the mind of a fraudster and how scammers have also evolved tactics in this new tech era. Finally, different tactics to fight the new age criminal will be presented, providing attendees with valuable take-aways for application in their respective companies.
Speaker Information: Dr. Skiba ("Dr. Fraud") worked in the insurance fraud industry (Allstate and Interboro) for 22 years before becoming an international consultant, speaker and trainer. He is currently consulting full time with INFORM, an international fraud solutions company as Vice President of International Counter Fraud Strategies where he overseas international fraud projects. He has also been a professor for 15 years and is currently Department Chair of Criminal Justice at Colorado State University Global, and holds an MBA and a PhD with a concentration on financial crime. He is also an instructor for the U.S. ATF and manages the website www.drfraud.org. He is a regular media contributor that can be seen on NBC, CBS, and many other networks. He is an author and recently published a groundbreaking book entitled “The Psychology of Fraud” and is founder of the Dr Fraud Training Group, which offers fully online fraud training classes.


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MI IASIU Fall Seminar has been scheduled for October 21st, 2021.  Please come back to get updates on this and other events.